Bachelor Degree

International Economics and Trade



I. Training

This program is aimed at training
the cross-century talents that could adapt to the development trend of economic
globalization and China 's
"going out" development goals. It requires stu
dents to master solid
asic theory about economics with global view and advanced concept in such
open economy. And the students should have good
command of English, understand the leading
commerce pattern, be capable of adapting to the ceaseless changes of both international
and domestic economic development, and master the basic ability to participate
in international competition and engage in the management of the international

II. Duration and
Construction Language 

 Duration: Four

III. Program Description

This program requires students to systemically master
the basic theory and rich knowledge of world economics and international trade,
to know modern management methods and skills, and have strong problem analyzing
and solving abilities.

Main courses: Political Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics,
World Economics, International Trade, International Business, International Investment
Theory and Practice, International Trade Practice, etc. International students
are exempt from the Political Theory, Physical Education, Military Theory, Ideological
and Moral Education and Foreign Language.

Main practical training: Students are trained to participate
in the practical work in governmental executive departments or commercial
enterprises and write internship report.  

IV. Internship

A scattered practice methodology is adopted for
internship. And it is normally arranged at the end of the first semester in the
senior year. Considering the discipline knowledge and unique major
characteristics, individual students can seek internship opportunities in their
home countries or in Chinese enterprises and institutions according to their
own situation. Through practical training, the internship will prepare students
with basic skills to work on practical cases and management. Moreover, the
students could test their theoretical knowledge in practice, possess relative
working experience and improve their comprehensive abilities through practice.    

V. Examination

The student’s
performance in each course is consisted of three parts: the class attendance
and performance (20%), the midterm examination (20%), and the final exam (40%).

VI. Duration: 4 Years

  Degree: Bachelor Degree of Economics

VII. Application Requirements:

1. Applicant should be under the age of 45 and in
good health;

2. Applicant should have valid passport;

3. Applicant should have obtained a senior high
school diploma or an equivalent diploma by the time of application;

4. Applicant should have a mastery of Chinese
language skills equal to HSK level 3/HSKK level 4 requirements.

VIII. Application time:

March to June every year

IX. Application documents:

1. Photocopy of High school graduation certificate,
this year’s graduates can provide proof of graduation when apply (either in
English or Chinese);

2. Photocopy of High school transcripts;

3. Chinese Proficiency Test HSK 4;

4. Photocopy of passport and 5 passport -sized photos;

5. Some students may required to provide non-criminal
record. (If the original copy is not in either Chinese or English, a notarized
English document is required.)

X. Application Procedure

1. Register at

2. Email all required digital application documents

3. Mail the hard copy of all application documents
to CICE after receiving notification of acceptance

XI. Tuition and Fees

1. Registration fee: RMB 350

2. Tuition Fees: RMB 15000 /year

3. Medical insurance: RMB 800 / year

4. Accommodation

Northwest University Hotel Building No.1

Single Room

Independent bathroom, AC, TV, Telephone, Internet

70 person/day

Northwest University Hotel Building No.4

Double Room

Independent bathroom, AC, TV, Telephone, Internet

80 room/day




Double Room

Public bathroom, AC, TV, Telephone, Internet

3500 person/semester

6500 person/year



2300 person semester4000 person/year

NoteThe above
mentioned accommodation fee is for students who study at NWU for more than
three months.



XII. Contact Information

Students Admissions, School
of International Cultural

  Address: 1st Floor, International Affairs Building,

No. 229
North Taibai Avenue

Taibai Campus, Northwest University,

Xi’an, Shaanxi, P. R. China

  Postcode: 710069

  Telephone: 0086-29-88302373     0086-29-88302918

  Fax: 0086-29—88303511